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The URL rewrite tool helps to convert dynamic URLs into search engine-friendly links. 

How do URL Rewriting Tools Works?

On your search engine browser enter seohelpingtools.com and hit enter. Scroll down the list in free SEO tools. You will see the URL rewriting tool icon.

URL rewriting is the process of modifying the appearance of a URL to make it more user-friendly or to make it match a certain pattern. A URL rewriting tool is a software or application that helps users to rewrite URLs on their website. This can include changing the structure of the URL, removing unnecessary parameters, or redirecting old URLs to new ones. URL rewriting can also be used for SEO purposes, as it can help search engines understand the structure of a website and improve its ranking. Additionally, URL rewriting can be used for security purposes, such as blocking certain types of requests or redirecting users to a different page.